Asset Management

We analyse the unique financial situation of our clients and define the most suitable and sustainable asset allocation. Portfolios are individually customized to accommodate client personal risk appetite, products knowledge, age, investment horizon, tax treatment, and other metrics.

The Process

To achieve the best risk-adjusted return, Kudos may use various financial instruments for the portfolio construction, such as: bonds, equities, traditional and alternative funds, certificates and structured products, already existing or created tailor-made. Portfolio performance is ultimately driven by asset class selection and allocation and is, therefore, a key factor to successful portfolio management.

Our investment process is based on a top-down, macro-driven investment style, which helps us to define the asset classes, the countries and the sectors most likely to generate the highest expected risk-adjusted returns. Through this approach, we focus on the “big picture” to gain an understanding of emerging trends and macro themes that affect financial markets.

Fundamental drivers

This process begins with understanding the fundamentals that drive asset class performance over the long-term including, but not limited to, economic growth, corporate earnings, central bank policy, and the risk environment. Many factors are included in this fundamental framework, such as GDP components (business investment, trade, consumer spending), corporate fundamentals (earnings, revenue, margins, leverage, etc.), and long-term trends (such as demographics and deleveraging).

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis provides an additional layer of market interpretation including not only short-term charting techniques, sentiment surveys and other market indicators which can offer insight into financial market performance, but also medium-long term analysis, since we firmly believe that the value added by technical analysis is not confined on a short-term perspective, but it is even more informative on a medium-long run.